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CodeIgniter 2/Doctrine 2 Installation

If you want a quick way of getting Doctrine 2 working with CodeIgniter 2, you can download a pre-configured installation from my GitHub repository. There are currently three branches available:

  • master – the latest stable versions of CodeIgniter and Doctrine.
  • develop – the latest development versions of CodeIgniter and Doctrine. Not recommended for production use.
  • doctrine-2.1 - the latest stable version of CodeIgniter, and the latest stable 2.1.X version of Doctrine. This branch is provided as a way of keeping Doctrine 2.1 applications up to date without breaking backwards compatibility.

For more information, read my post on integrating Doctrine 2 with CodeIgniter 2

CodeIgniter 2 Released

CodeIgniter 2.0.0 was released today, signalling a huge step forward for the already-popular PHP framework. The interesting thing about CodeIgniter 2 is that there are two branches in development: CodeIgniter Core, which is the ‘official’ branch developed by EllisLabs; and CodeIgniter Reactor which is a community-driven branch enabling faster adoption of new features. Reactor will essentially become CodeIgniter, as EllisLabs recommends Reactor for day to day development. (more…)

Segment-Based URLs with Query Strings in CodeIgniter 2

My latest CodeIgniter 2 project requires that I use query strings in some of my URLs. CodeIgniter 1 was notoriously difficult to work with when you enabled query strings, and unfortunately CodeIgniter 2 is no different. Whereas in CodeIgniter 1 you could change two configuration options to enable a combination of segment-based URLs and query strings, this same approach only makes matters worse in CodeIgniter 2.

Custom Doctrine 2 Console Commands

This post assumes you have set up Doctrine 2 with CodeIgniter 2.

Load Data from Fixtures

I could not find a command to load data from fixtures, so I made a very basic command that recursively executes native SQL. If you want to load data from YAML files, you will need to search elsewhere for a YAML interpreter or even a way to convert YAML to SQL.


Integrating Doctrine 2 with CodeIgniter 2

If you’re looking for a quick way to get Doctrine 2 running with CodeIgniter 2, you might want to download my CodeIgniter 2/Doctrine 2 package


CodeIgniter is a great PHP framework. The codebase is clean, the documentation is fantastic, and it’s regularly updated. Doctrine is a good ORM for the same reasons: it’s very well-written, has extensive documentation, and is actively developed. A combination of these two systems makes it easy to build database-oriented web applications quicker than ever before.

To get started, download CodeIgniter 2 and Doctrine 2 – make sure you use the ‘Download Archive’ link when downloading Doctrine.