CodeIgniter 2 Released

CodeIgniter 2.0.0 was released today, signalling a huge step forward for the already-popular PHP framework. The interesting thing about CodeIgniter 2 is that there are two branches in development: CodeIgniter Core, which is the ‘official’ branch developed by EllisLabs; and CodeIgniter Reactor which is a community-driven branch enabling faster adoption of new features. Reactor will essentially become CodeIgniter, as EllisLabs recommends Reactor for day to day development.

So what is new in CodeIgniter 2? There are several major changes that are worth knowing about:

  • Support for PHP 4 is (finally) gone. CodeIgniter 2 requires PHP 5.1 or higher.
  • CSRF protection is now built into the form helper.
  • Plugins have been removed in favour of helpers and libraries.
  • There is now a $route['404_override'] router rule to allow 404 pages to be handled by a controller (no more hacky MY_Router libraries!)
  • Drivers, including an abstracted database class, and a javascript ‘helper’ class.

CodeIgniter Reactor already offers several improvements over the Core branch, including:

  • A caching driver with support for file cachine, APC, and memcache.
  • Full query string support (finally!)
  • Command line compatibility – I have been really looking forward to this feature, as running CodeIgniter applications on the command line in the past has been difficult at best.
  • Automatic base_url detection.

But that’s enough writing for now. I’m going to download the latest release, and so should you!

P.S. Now that CodeIgniter 2 and Doctrine 2 have both been released, I will re-write my ‘Implementing Doctrine 2 with CodeIgniter 2′ post and include a sample application.

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  • umut atasever

    waiting for the Implementing Doctrine 2 with CodeIgniter 2 post. thanks!