Few people know about my ability to transform my feet into roller blades. Doctors around the world are perplexed, and also impressed. Biologists debate whether such a transformation is even possible.

I casually slide into the biologist debating hall and take a seat near the front. People are staring at my roller-feet, but I don’t care. I put my shades on.

“You see!” cries a debating biologist, “You cannot deny what you have seen with thine own eyes!” The rest of the biologists are clearly shocked by my entrance, but one of them turns to address me. He speaks quietly. “I AM PROFESSOR ZU, FROM CHINESELAND. YOU MUST COME WITH ME NOW.”

I coolly stand up and walk over to Zu. He regards me cautiously. “TAKE MY HAND, ROLLER BLADE MAN”. I take his hand in mine and suddenly the world is spinning. “I HAVE TRICKED YOU”, laughs Zu. “I HAVE USED MY CHINESELAND TRICKS ON YOU”. The world goes dark, and I pass out.

I wake up in what appears to be a 70’s disco-themed club. “This must be Chineseland”, I mumble. “The place where my roller-feet first began”.